Leadership DNA

Leadership balance and execution is extremely challenging in a disruptive world, yet there are sound principles that can set your leadership ability apart. In this thought provoking keynote, Alex uses storytelling to illustrate how leaders can transform organisations and improve their performance. The Leadership DNA is an imperative combination of key leadership traits that guarantee growth, engagement, and position your organisation for the future.

Key take home value: Delegates learn how leaders can transform organisations into high performing businesses, improve employee engagement, create high performing culture, and satisfy shareholders.

(In)Credible Leadership

Leadership is in danger. Complacency is becoming the new normal. With the mounting pressure and demands of change management, leaders must carefully pick and choose their battles. In their efforts to propel action and secure the required investments, many grow frustrated as measurable progress towards moving the conversation forward gets caught in the corporate noise that surrounds them. More than ever, leadership has become an exercise in survival of the fittest – and as a consequence, those leaders who have grown more complacent, are finding it difficult to maintain their competitive edge and thought-leadership footing. Leadership in the 21st century requires mental toughness, stamina and patience. Alex provides key insights on how a leader’s credibility and incredibility can make them more successful.

Key take home value: Leaders will have a fresh perspective on how to develop credibility and authenticity, and how interpersonal skills can enhance staff performance and improve business results.

Future Leadership Unlocked

To minimise the landscape of complexity in your organisation, you and I need to be aware of the top five leadership challenges in the current economic environment and counter them with the five critical leadership fundamentals. It begins with the primary concept of Plussing, EQ & IQ, hiring right, being a disruptive innovator, and driving execution.

Key take home value: Delegates leave with an understanding of the critical role leadership plays in shaping businesses in the current economic climate, sharpening their skills to focus, think more critically, and harness the ability to hire right. They also leave inspired to become disruptive innovators by embracing agility and change.