In Pursuit of the Deal

How can you equip yourself to be that sales professional, that sales guru, that deal magnet? How do you deliver value, engage with your customers, influence decision makers, and not only close the deal, but at higher profit margins than most? Alex will show you how to create conversations that seal deals, build trust that anchor relationships, and provide value for your clients.

Key take home value: A fresh approach on selling strategies in the new economy, tactics that really work, and an improved sales skill set.

Storytelling: A Leadership & Communication Tool (keynote and workshop)

For centuries, the creative art of storytelling has been a prominent feature in traditional history. Now Alex illustrates how you can use storytelling as a leadership tool, communication tool, and presentation skills tool. This is a workshop presentation, highly interactive, with practical lessons throughout the session.

Key take home value: Delegates learn practical leadership, communication, and presentation skills, with immediate improvement during the session.