Leading Forward – 20 Leadership Drivers to Navigate Ebb and Flow




Leadership principles continue to be the bedrock of growth even in watershed moments. The universal elements of leading forward in this book will help you define your strategy, inspire your people, and enhance your customer relationships in the long term.
More than that, this book is also designed to help leaders, both experienced and aspiring, to develop self-leadership, personal mastery, integrity, an adaptive mindset, resilience, and a forward thinking consciousness. 
With each chapter comes a call to action that endeavours to reinforce learning and provide you with methods to stand out against economic decline, pandemics, and various other challenges. I have always been a proponent of the importance of the “WHY”, the purpose, but this book focusses on the “HOW”, the strategy, of achieving exceptional leadership qualities.
May this book inspire you to lean in, and lead forward!


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